Album art not updating on ipod touch

Any differences will be explained in more detail later on.

Related Information: How to copy / backup music from an i Phone or i Pod You can then sync your i Pod with Media Monkey without i Tunes. You can install the needed drivers for your i Pod Touch, i Phone, or i Pad by using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer.

It is a free product from the makers of Copy Trans Manager, and it can be found here: Trans-Drivers-Installer/3000-18546_4-75300288.html?

tag=mncol WARNING: If using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer product with any i Tunes installer from version 10.5 upwards then you will need to install Quicktime manually (if it isn't already installed on your system), without Quicktime installed the Media Monkey i Pod/i Phone plugin will not operate correctly.

In most cases i Tunes is displaying the artwork correctly, but when the users' devices are synced, the artwork does not transfer for all songs.

I have been using my ipod touch 16gb(running 1.1.3/4 upgrade, not jailbroken) since Christmas and for the most part I love it.

Streaming solutions like the Airport Express allow you to wirelessly send music to your stereo, and Signal gives you the freedom of wireless control to go with it.

Put them together and you get a simple solution to play and control your music through the whole house.

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Then go to i Tunes and right-click on the Drag Artwork Here field.Album art and lyrics will be synced correctly for all i Pod versions that support those features, and ratings as well as playcounts should be synced back to your MM database when Auto-synchronization is used.This guide was written using an i Phone as an example but it is mainly the same for other i Pods, although there are different plugins depending on your i Pod model.Some songs have the correct album art, but others do not. I just went to and searched for the albums where the artwork was getting mixed up on my i Pod Touch.I've tried to delete the album art, re-download it and then reload the song to my i Pod, but it doesn't always work. I would right click on the album artwork on and select copy.

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