Consolidating power definition

If you cannot consolidate your claims, you must work them individually.She will not keep him to his labours to consolidate the power.consolidate 1510s, "to compact into one body," from L. stem of consolidare, from con- "together" solidare "to make solid" (see consolidation). I was the one they were going to hang, to consolidate the bond with the old island. It needs a war, not a threat of war, to consolidate Austria and Hungary.I'm going to consolidate all these tribes and sweep the west clean of every white.There is also danger that we consolidate too many rural schools in towns.David Harvey, one of the leading Marxist thinkers of our times, sits down with the activist collective AK Malabocas to discuss the transformations in the mode of capital accumulation, the centrality of the urban terrain in contemporary class struggles, and the implications of all this for anti-capitalist organizing.

The mission gathered information and data likely to improve understanding of the magnitude and scope of illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons on the common borders of the three Mano River Union countries and elaborated on a project document which identified practical ways and activities to stem illicit weapons flows, consolidate peace and security in the three countries, as well as to promote arms control and practical disarmament.

in Port Chester, NY, servers in many companies typically run at 15-20% of their capacity, which may not be a sustainable ratio in the current economic environment.

Although consolidation can substantially increase the efficient use of server resources, it may also result in complex configurations of data, applications, and servers that can be confusing for the average user to contend with.

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