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They protested that her methods were unconventional and outdated. The good reviews praised her different methods of getting yourself out there and what a person should do to attract a mate. It couldn’t be any worse than what I’ve gotten into,” and with one click I purchased my paperback copy.This seems like a no brainier, and when I read it my immediate reaction was, “I am happy! But as I read further I realized sometimes the obvious is the first thing overlooked.It’s one of Patti’s 10 commandments of dating: Thou shalt be engaging.

Or maybe it’s because her show is hosted on the network named Bravo, which, as a business model, traffics in gay stereotypes? Patti tells Smike to cool his jets on all the travel so he doesn’t miss out on Chad. […] Smike kept in touch with Chad during his trip to Australia and they are still seeing each other today.

) It seems like, despite her arguably reactionary rules for dating ("women must enhance their appearance by whatever means necessary, men, for their part, need to remember that a woman must be wooed," and, duh, women should always date a provider-slash-"hunter"), nobody can just hate this woman like they hate other Bravo caricatures. Stanger she met a man at a restaurant and went out with him three times, until she got “bored.” Ms. “What do you expect, people to entertain you like a puppet show?

” In the end, most of her tips for getting her clients over themselves and into a match are basic and as old as the hills.

Of course the first place I began my search was Google where I was linked to Amazon’s 2009 copy of Patti Stanger’s “Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate” with over 200 reviews. I did not read all 200 and something reviews but I did try to read a few from each star level to get opinions from all sides.

And like with any product reviews people complained.

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