Gay dating for taboo

Whereas the website was originally shut down regularly by Chinese authorities, these days it stays up pretty much full time.The app and site, now run by a company known as Blue City, employs over 40 software designers and engineers, and it is poised for even greater growth after a million round of funding from a venture capitalist fund.Taboo Conversations offer you a SAFE platform to share your views and have a balanced discussion on them. Sex behaviours and sexuality have been synonymous for centuries, particularly in the gay and bisexual men communities.

Grindr’s international appeal is in the spotlight following the announcement Monday that a Chinese gaming company had purchased a majority stake the Hollywood start-up for million.

Having grown out of the website, the site was originally created by Ma Baoli, a former member of the police force in a seaside city in China.

The site and the app have experienced explosive growth, becoming the largest gay dating app in the world in less than two years.

In recent years, the local gay community have also witnessed an increase of sex trade activities, on the streets, online and reported blatantly in local media. Over the past years, we have received requests for help from individuals regarding these addictions.

How does one know if he is maintaining a healthy sexual or love life?

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