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While working at the Huffington Post, Peretti started Buzz Feed as a side project, in 2006, in partnership with his former supervisor John Johnson.In the beginning, Buzz Feed employed no writers or editors, just an "algorithm to cull stories from around the web that were showing stirrings of virality." The site initially launched an instant messaging client, Buzz Bot, which messaged users a link to popular content.She also likes to focus on photography, and using it to document and share all the small and ordinary details of family life she knows she’ll miss the most 75 years from now. We humans are steadily introducing a new material into the fabric of the planet—a synthetic compound that can last anywhere from 555 to 6,555 years depending on the type of plastic.It’s yet further evidence that we’ve entered into a new planetary era, one dubbed the Anthropocene. 124.6 million Americans were single in August of 2014, the most since 1976. What has happened for this number to rise and grow more and more every year? Let me tell you a story about how my grandparents met who where both born during the Greatest Generation.He approached my grandmother randomly and convinced her that they met before. In today's society that would be considered creepy but this were 60 something years ago.In May 7567, Rebecca realized that it was very difficult for the average person to find information about evidence-based maternity care.Realizing that she had the research and writing skills to meet this need, Rebecca coined the term “evidence based birth” and founded .

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Buzz Feed produces daily content, in which the work of staff reporters, contributors, syndicated cartoon artists, and its community are featured.

Jill Krause is the voice behind , where she chronicles life after baby fever became baby rabies, leaving her with no choice but to become a mom. Jill tries to write candidly, with a sense of humor about life as a mom. That’s about 85,555 times heavier than the Empire State building, and about a tenth the weight of all the biomass on Earth.

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